01 October 2013

Halloween Spell Book

So I saw this idea on pinterest and like many others, just pinned it and went on with my day. Well, I finally decided to put it to use. I made my very own spell book decoration for Halloween! I have this ledge in the stairwell and it is perfect for decorating. And the kids can't reach anything I have in the corner! 

I found the broom at Goodwill a couple years ago and picked it up, I've wanted to paint it black for awhile. If you look closely you can still see the red bristles underneath. I think I will soak it in some RIT and see if it absorbs the color. I picked up a small skeleton (in the jar all the way in the corner), the crow and the skull at Dollar Tree. The cauldron has been with us for awhile, and I've been keeping my eyes open for a real one. I included a partially burnt candle, cause what witch wouldn't use a candle in their spells?!

For the spell I decided I didn't want anything too gruesome, so I went with Macbeth. 
And the spell book was really easy to create. I picked up a book at the dollar store, my only requirement that it had a black spine. I brought it home, sprayed the pages with water to wrinkle & age them a bit, curled the edges and glued the pages together. I printed the 'spell' off and adhered it to the book then distressed everything with a mix of paint and walnut ink in a spray bottle. Last I used hot glue to attach the bookmark ribbon to the inside of the spine.

I've seen a few different DIY spell books floating around, so if you have one to share link it up in the comments. I'd love to see it! 

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Nicole said...

LOVE this!
I soooo want to make one now.