31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's been so long since I've been around, for that I apologize. I've been sort of busy getting costumes ready, prepping craft projects and watching preschool children do all sorts of crazy things.

So today I thought I would stop in and say Happy Halloween. I also wanted to share the witches brooms that I made for the preschoolers. There are multiple variations of this project online, but I tried to keep mine fairly simple and plain. I didn't ink the sticks (have you seen the saliva that comes out of a 2 year old when they have a sucker?), I used coffee filters on the outside and twine to wrap them up. I didn't even glue anything down (again, hello two and three year old's). But I'm happy with how they turned out and I think they make a cute little gift for the kids!

Now, I hope to get back to sharing my projects. I've got some projects in the works and in my head for Christmas, so I should be back to playing with my paper very soon!

Have a wonderful Halloween, we'll be celebrating as a Ballerina and Optimus Prime.

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