19 July 2012


Not terribly thrilled to welcome Thursday this week, hopefully yours is better. I have to take the girl to the doctor (which always takes forever) and I have to get my eyes examined. I know, no big deal. But I really hate it. I've lived with bad eyesight for so long that I just make do. I learned early to see things through a blurry lens. I've also learned to compensate for that. I really, really think I'm going to need bifocals too... and that I'm kinda dreading. Maybe I can put it off for a little longer. On the bright side, the boy has a game tonight. So at least there will be some smiles and laughs to the day!

The kids and I watched Mr. Popper's Penguins last night. I know, boring life. What is so great about that? Well, both kids talked and rambled through the whole movie until the moment the credits came on.Know what they did then? They got up, danced and sang (well, just the boy) to Ice, Ice Baby! Yes, my 4 year old can sing most of it. And cause you know you want to hear it now, watch the video. I've even linked it up to make it easy for you. LOL! Good times!!

Now, for the scrapping...
Today is a digital page. The girl loves her phone, I'm sure she'll be asking for a cell phone in exactly 2.5 years. Sigh. But if you will notice, the phone is upside down. Can't win them all I guess...

The kit is butterfly dance from Marie H Designs. I love the colors and they were perfect for this picture.

And because I love you guys so much... here you go :)

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