13 June 2012

Yogurt Love

My kids love yogurt. They can sense when I open a container. It is kinda freaky, almost like the dog begging for snacks. Well, everybody in this house begs for snacks... so scratch that.

At any rate, Braelyn loves yogurt. Any kind. Greek, gogurt, plain (ewww). She is so cute about it though, she just walks up and sticks her tongue out waiting for you to feed her. And how can anybody resist cute?! She does the same for chocolate, in case you were wondering. LOL! I absolutely love the look on her face in the large picture... its so funny to see her like that. She is usually scowling at someone or something (including me if I tell her no). 

This is another page done for a challenge at Scrap Takeout. It was a lift challenge and you can check out the page I lifted here.

The kit is hobbyist by sweet digi scraps. I was lucky enough to get a sample of it as a prize for the ADSR.

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