26 April 2012

Thank You Cards from Grayson

With a little help from Grayson, we managed to get the thank you cards for his birthday together! I asked him to draw a picture for the cards. He was more than happy to comply since he loves to draw and color. I suggested he draw a picture of himself opening the presents. And you know what, it doesn't look half bad!

I scanned in the picture and printed copies for the cards, matted them, added some extra embellishments and called them done. It probably isn't what you would consider a paper crafted card, but I really wanted Grayson's artwork to be the focus. :)

The patterned paper is from momenta and the cardstock is some extras I had in my stash. I even used up some shaped buttons. Way out of style, but I think they worked with these.

And here is a larger version of his picture. It is him holding heatwave (a transformer rescue bot), then of course his bike, a remote control monster truck (blue present) and his other monster truck (green present). Not too shabby for a 4 year old! I did dot out the letters for him to write and reminded him he had to connect the wheels on his bike with a bar, but the rest was all him.

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