13 April 2011

Making Flourish Stencils

A really quick and easy tutorial today about making your own flourish templates using Momenta's blank stencil sheets. I love doing this, and they don't even have to be perfect - which makes it so much better! The supplies you will need: hole punch blank stencil sheets (I'm using 4"x5") sharpie flourish pattern

For this first stencil, I made a copy of a set of crystal flourishes I purchased - this isn't the first time I've used my copy either. 1. Place the blank stencil sheet on top of your flourish and use the sharpie to dot where the crystals would be.

Here you can see that I didn't copy all of it - just the parts that I wanted to use.

2. Use your hole punch and punch holes where you placed the dots. They don't have to be perfect either - you can fix that when you use them on your page.

Here is my punched out stencil. You can see in the upper left corner where my holes got a bit crooked.

Now take your punched stencil and use it on your projects.

You can use a pencil to make dots on your project for places to put gem stickers, dots of glitter or just to go back and add a bit of a doodled flourish to your page.

And I wanted to share, you don't have to do this solely with a copied print. Here is a photoshop brush that I printed off to do the same thing.

I told you - super easy! And you'll get much more mileage out of the stencil than your purchased gem flourish. :)

And just as an example, here I used the new One Fine Day line from Momenta and used Dimensional Pearls with my stencils to create the flourish.


Mara... said...

Great tutorial Kelly!! What a fun way to use bling and make a big flourish!! Love the card, too.

Mary said...

OMG!! This is such a great idea. Totally have to try this! TFS

Beansieleigh said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing it!