17 March 2011

I {heart} sewing!

Let me preface this by saying, I DO NOT have mad sewing skillz.

I have fumbled my way through some pants for Braelyn and a sweater vest for Grayson, I've even managed to sew some cloth diapers (which I may eventually share on my blog) and some clothes for myself (nobody wants to see pictures of me modeling, LOL). However, sewing has become a fun hobby for me and well, it makes me feel good to be able to create something.

So I really wanted to buy some baby legs for Braelyn, but I'm super cheap. I don't want to spend $10 on a pair of leg warmers. So... I started thinking that I could do it myself, and into the pile of refashionables I dug. :)

I think they turned out cute, the edges are leftover from a shirt I used to make Braelyn's pants. The inside are from a pair of baby pants that were given to us (don't you love hand me down's?). Since I had most of them done before we ventured out yesterday evening, I picked up a couple other things to cheaply refashion into leg warmers. And the greatest thing, I should be able to get more than one pair out of the pieces I picked up! Score!!
And since I don't have a picture of her wearing them, here is another pic... just cause I think she is a cutie!

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Jamilie said...

You know I was going to tell you yesterday you could make them yourself!!! lol.. glad you did.. I know a lot of momma's who do.. now I do NOT have ANY sewing skills.. lol.. Great job!!