07 March 2011

Bringing the Outdoors In!

Part of the challenge for this week's survivor layout (at Tally Scrapper) was to use something found in nature. I figured what better way to embrace the challenge than to get dirty! I decided to grab a little of the NC red mud and give my background page some texture.

I trompsed out into the rain to gather up some dirt. Luckily, I only had to go to the driveway (stupid erosion is causing the hill to fall).

I brought it back in to add some water until it gained the consistency I liked. Much like baby poo (sorry, you know I have a new baby - right?)

After that I grabbed my wide paint brush, dipped it in my dirt and 'flicked' (yeah, that's what I'm technicaly terming it) the dirt onto my page. Set it aside to dry and then created my layout.

Here is the finished product. I also added a couple vine wrapped sticks I snagged from the backyard. The rest of the challenge was to do a monochromatic page and use a Green Day song title/lyric in your title. So I used the title of the song (warning) and some of the lyrics as my journaling. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I think the clumps of dirt look pretty cool on there.


patti west said...

hell oh!!! This lo is way cool, Kelly!!! you crack me up that you flicked dirt onto it...but it looks awesome!! love the sticks too and the pics of your boy!! :) :)

Mel said...

You definately took the challenge and ran with it Kel...but the end result rocks. Super cute!