31 January 2011

Momenta Stencil Storage

Today I decided to clean up my printer table. It was overflowing with crap - piles of clothes to be refashioned or mended, scrapbook supplies, paperwork and all kinds of other junk that has collected over the past couple months.

Some of the things on there were the big border stencils from Momenta. I love them, however I have storage issues with them. They are long and don't fit in my cart or on my bookshelf (which is full of paper anyway, not that I should admit that) so I really haven't known what to do with them. I decided to alter a cardboard box to house them on my table - so they are still at arms reach, but they won't be falling off when I stack my junk (not that I'm admitting to that either).

So here ya go... what started as a simple cardboard box, but is now a little more eye appealing. :)

And I have to say, it felt great to be creative again! Now I've got the bug and I want to create a bunch more stuff!!

Relaxed Cardstock (PA-1035)
Flutter Paper Pad (PA-1563)
Flutter Rubons (RO-1849)
Flutter Stickers (ST-2855)
Graceful Stencil (BL-799)

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