16 December 2010

Star Boxes {neighbor gifts}

I've decided this year that I'm not going to do as much baking as I normally do (it kills my back to stand in the kitchen these days), but I still wanted to give my neighbors a little something. They are really great people and always friendly with us (and they don't complain about our unkempt lawn in the summer - huge bonus points!!).

So each of them is getting a holiday mini loaf full of pumpkin raisin bread and an origami star box full of candy. The star boxes are made from Momenta All Through The Year papers. I cut an 8x8 sheet and used this video for help on folding them.

After I got them all folded up I simply glued some ric rack around the edges. Super easy and they hold quite a few pieces of candy since they flare out at the bottom.

So next time you need a quick gift, grab a sheet of patterned paper and a bag of chocolate - you can't go wrong!

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