19 December 2010

One Week Old

I can't believe Braelyn is already a week old. I'm completely hormonal and still cry at stupid movies and commercials. I am doing good, although I'm still tired and wish I were getting more sleep... but I'm sure I'll be saying that for the next 15 years.

Thought I would share just a couple pictures that we took on Saturday.

She had to get the grumpy face from her daddy... that can't possibly be from me. ;)

The preemie outfit is quickly becoming snug, which makes me happy! Although, it is an adorable little sleeper and I think I'll miss it when she outgrows it.

And this picture... it makes me realize just how big Grayson is getting. He looks so much older now that little Braelyn is around.


JuliesAddiction said...

Just adorable!!!

Mara... said...

cute cute photos!!! I love that last one of you and your two babies. So adorable!

patti west said...

Grayson does look like such a big boy - such sweet pics, Kelly! Braelyn's sleeper is so cute...you're going to have so much fun buying sweet little things for her. :)

Mary Jo said...

Kelly, she is just beautiful!
I remember after Erin was born, how big Evan's head looked to me (lol)
He wasn't my baby anymore and he was just so big!

floridagirl said...

so very precious!!!

Jan said...

Congrats again on the birth of beautiful Braelyn!
Merry Christmas!!!

Rbarakat said...

Adorable Kelly!!! Happy New Year!!

Leah Crowe said...

ohmigosh... my belated congratulations are in order. Braelyn is just precious as can be. So happy for you Kelly!