30 November 2010

27 days {and counting}

I know most people are counting down to the holidays, but not me! I'm counting down to a couple days after Christmas... when we will be lucky enough to welcome our newest family addition. It has finally hit that I need to get things finalized and ready, so this week I'm focusing on knocking a few things off my to do list.

I have nothing spectacularly new and creative to share... so today I figured I would share pictures.

We have added a new Christmas tree this year. One for our basement (family area) that I thought Grayson would have fun helping me decorate. Turns out, I had much higher hopes for his desires than he did. I have a collection of ornaments from days gone by that are non-breakable (or one would think, but he has a knack for breaking things I think are safe) so I decided to use those.

At any rate, the decorating lasted for a little bit. At least long enough to snap a few pictures. So now I need to finish up the rest of the house and get in the holiday spirit!


Jamie Lane said...

Great photos!

Mel said...

OMG Kelly! He is sooo adorable! SO excited for all of you and can't wait to "meet" your new little addition!

Pinky said...

It's funny I woke up thinking of you yesterday, glad to hear its almost time I am sure you are ready!

Mara... said...

cute cute tree photos!!! Can't wait to see your new little one, what an exciting time!

pattiwest said...

Your son is absolutely precious, Kelly!!! Now I know you are due after Christmas - my b'day is the 30th. :)