20 October 2010

Happy Wednesday!

I can't believe it is already Wednesday. The week seems to be going by rather fast in our household!

I am lucky enough to have a HUGE scrapping/sewing/crafting space. The wall is lined with shelves and I love it. However, I (like most other crafters I know) am always looking for the perfect storage. There are a couple things that I have perfected for me, so I wanted to share those with you guys. This is an old picture (Grayson is definitely bigger than that these days), but it looks pretty much the same.

First up is my ribbon storage. I had my ribbons all crammed in jars by color (please ignore the ugly brown panelling on the wall). It was great because I could just grab a jar that matched my layout - except my ribbons were wrinkled and wound up getting all bunched up together. So I could never just grab and pull since they all wanted to come out together.

So I spent a few days cutting pieces of heavy cardboard and wrapping my ribbons around them. I absolutely love it this way! I don't have a wrinkle problem anymore and the ribbons are so easy to see and grab from the drawers.

Then there is my small embellishment storage. Prior to this, I had lots of little fishing tackle boxes. They were great, and honestly worked for awhile... but the hinges and snaps had started to break so the boxes weren't closing properly. So I had saved lots of baby food jars in hopes of doing something creative with them.

Baby food jars are fairly indestructable (unless you happen to drop one down the garbage disposal then turn it on - oops) so I thought they would make good storage. The stage 1 and 2 jars fit in the box perfectly too. So I transferred my storage to these. I keep them flipped upside down so I can see the colors/type of items in them. And the box stays in the bottom drawer of my desk - so I don't have to lift the entire thing, just the jars I want to use!

So there are just a couple ideas of storage from my scrap room. Maybe they will inspire some storage solutions for you!


Terri said...

I think I'll go walk off a cliff, Kelley! You are too well organized and too clean. LOL

mustangkayla said...

What a neat and HUGE space! Wow...thanks for sharing pictures! I used to have my ribbon that way but ran out of room so went back to your original ways, the jars. I'd love to go back to the wrapped way though! Someday....someday...I'll have the space of my dreams!

Mel said...

Great space and ideas Kelly! I have some of my embellies in babyfood jars too...the rest are in a cupcake tin:)

Rbarakat said...

Kelly this looks great!!!!!! Hey can you email me I have a question..rbarakatmusic@hotmail.com

pattiwest said...

Seriously Kelly...some day I need to take the time and organize my ribbons like yours! Love this idea!! :)

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Two great ideas! I really like the ribbon idea. There just doesn't seem to be the perfect ribbon storage idea, but maybe this is what will work for me!