31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone is having a great Halloween weekend. I thought I would share this spooky card I created using Momenta products. So here ya go, just a quick & easy tutorial!

Earthtones Cardstock Pad (PA-0659), Pure Textured Cardstock Pad (PA-1036), Acrylic Alpha Stickers (ST-1788), Black & White Gem Stickers (ST-3056), Scissors, Liquid Adhesive, Glitter and Black Copic Marker

The first thing you want to do is cut all your pieces. Your card base (orange cardstock) should be 8.5x5.5” (fold in half to create the card). I also freehand cut the two ovals and V shapes for the spider legs.

At that point, I used my black copic marker to shade the spider pieces. I simply ran the marker across one side of the legs and around the ovals. You don’t have to be particular or make sure everything is perfect – the mistakes add character.

From there, you will want to glue your two ovals together to make the spider body. Overlap them slightly, but remember the smaller piece is the head. Flip the spider body over and begin attaching your legs on one side, using the angle point to line them up.

Remember – spiders have 8 legs so you want 4 on each side! (It is very possible that it is just us pregnant ladies that need the reminder, but I thought I would throw it out there for ya). ;)

Flip the spider back over and use black gemstones for the eyes.

While the spider is drying, use the acrylic alphabet stickers to put the word on your card on the bottom right corner. Attach your spider to the card using pop dots (or other dimensional adhesive). Add a drop of glue to each leg and trim the left legs so they aren’t hanging off of the card (especially if you are putting it in an envelope)!

From there, embellish your card as desired. I simply added a web string of black glitter to give the appearance of the spider crawling down.

Quick and easy cards are perfect for those last minute needs (you know, the ones we always forget about)! And we all know I'm all about the quick & easy!


Jamie Lane said...

Super cute!

Jan said...

so cute!!