10 August 2010

Dirty Scraps #15 {Games}

The current challenge at Dirty Scraps is about games. For those who have a toddler, who have lived through having a toddler or have just spent time around them... you know that I'm stuck playing these mind games on a daily basis. Some days I really wonder if I am even getting through to him, but then when I least expect it, I actually see that I am. :)

So here is my page for this challenge. It's a digital using mostly Momenta freebies, although I did add in a couple elements from some other designers.

I realize it is part of having a child and raising you to do the right thing, but there are days when these mind games we play are just enough to do me in. I say no and you do it anyway. You are learning you can’t get away with it, but the hardest part is actually teaching you that. I have to come up with new ways to teach you each and every day. And you come up with new ways to push the limits each day too. Some days I want to give up and bang my head on the wall, but I resist and hope that eventually I will get through to you!


Mel said...

Love this page and I can so relate...but just stay strong and consistent and I promise you he will be just fine:)

Rbarakat said...

Great lo = I especially love the journaling!