28 May 2010

Celebrate Card *momenta*

First, I would like to thank everyone for the get well wishes from my last post. I think I've just resigned to taking the meds. I took some today and they have helped considerably this evening. I need to at least take them this weekend so I can enjoy spending time with my cousin & his family while they are here.

That said, we are meeting my cousin, his family & my parents at the science center tomorrow. I hope grayson enjoys it, but I'm afraid it might be a little 'above' his age range. However, we'll make the best out of it and he will have other little boys to play with, so all will be good. And, I'm sure I will get some great pictures!

On to the project... I made this quick card with momenta products. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with them - and I can't wait to share a few more projects with you, but... one at a time for now.

This card is super quick and probably only takes 15 minutes to assemble, if that. So grab some supplies and have fun!

Supplies Used:
Martha Stewart Glitter

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Melonie said...

Great card!!