02 April 2010

Two Chicks April Kit

Just wanted to share some projects done with the April kit from Two Chicks Designs...

While you are at the store picking up a kit (cause I know you will seriously want this, it's so much fun)... check out their awesome chick'n goodies. They totally rock!! For those of you who don't know about Two Chicks, they are a wholesaler of embellishments and fun t-shirts ... cause who wants to be drab when you can spruce it up a bit? (okay, maybe *I* shouldn't ask that question as I sit here in my hershey kiss pj pants). But, regardless of how I look - you want to look cute and what better way than to wear a t-shirt emphasizing your favorite passtime?

So, on to the April kit... it's super cute with all kinds of fun stuff in there! And here are some of the projects I've done with it (and I still have a ton left to use, so be on the lookout for more).


Colleen said...

Love all the wonderful creations! Great job!

pattiwest said...

Kelly...your 2 chicks stuff is fab!! Love your work - so colorful and happy! :)