09 April 2010

Cute (quick & easy) Cork Board!

I got this idea from a friend of mine who has a larger scale of this in her kitchen. I absolutely love it and even better, it takes very little time and effort!!

So I've been collecting wine corks for awhile wanting to do something cool with them, but apparently I don't drink enough wine cause I didn't have a very good collection. Anyway - while I was at walmart today, I spotted bags of corks. Seriously? Could I complete my project? I immediately knew what I would be doing this evening! So I snagged all they had, along with a couple other cool things I found (note to self: check that aisle more often) and headed home.

Grab your supplies:
Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive
Ribbon & Embellishments (if desired)
Xacto Knife (possibly)

Now, let the fun begin...

1. Position corks to achieve your desired shape. You can do more than just a square - think of items in your house that you could use as a template (clock, cups, plates, etc). You may need to trim a few pieces to get everything to line up properly. The xacto cuts through cork like butter, especially with a fresh blade - so be careful!

2. Glue pieces together and allow to completely dry.

3. Embellish as desired! I used items from Two Chicks Designs - Chick'n Noodles, Chick'n Feed & Chick'n Feathers.

Here is my finished project. Super easy, and had I not stopped to eat dinner, I would have been done in less than an hour. Now I have a cute little hanging cork board for my scrap area to post little reminders to myself!

This has more possibilities than just your basic cork board. Here are some other ideas spinning in my head:

  • a shaped board for a child's room
  • recipe board for your kitchen
  • table top (you'll never have another watermark)
  • basket
  • coasters
  • picture frame
  • trivet
  • I would love to see if you create something along these lines - so definitely come back and share!!


    mustangkayla said...

    I've seen those, they are so much fun! One of my moms friends made a birdhouse out of one and it was pretty cool. I had saved Barefoot wine bottle corks for a long time and bought that wine just cause of the cute feet on the corks. I figured I could do something crafty with them. lol...Love your cork board!

    Pinky said...

    OMG Kelly what a great idea!!!!!!!

    Pamela said...

    What an awesome idea!!!

    TraceyT said...

    This is a fantastic project!!!