11 September 2009

they say it takes {21 days}

One thing I have learned is that there is always something to improve on, whether we think so or not. I know there are so many things that I can do to change and improve my life (I'm sure no one will disagree here), however I know that in my life, I can only try those things one at a time.

Right now it's difficult for me to scrap, but I have decided to join rhonna farrer in the journey of 21 days. For me, at this moment... I am trying to stop biting my nails. For most it seems a trivial thing, but for me this is a huge change. I have been a nervous biter since I was a child, and what better time to start this than when I can't raise my arm to my mouth - right?!

As for me and my surgery, thank you to everyone who has sent prayers and well wishes. I am doing well... although not as well as I would have hoped. I would love to say that I am completely capable of functioning on my own - but unfortunately that is not the case. I can do many things on my own again - but at this point I still need a great deal of help. I can keep the arm out of the sling more than it is in it, but it is still difficult and extremely painful. I am happy to say that in the last few days I actually held my baby boy for the first time since August 25th! However, I did pay for that and had to load myself up with pain meds so I could get a good night sleep. Time is passing and my arm is progressively getting stronger, so I would love your continued prayers and well wishes.

On a side note - at least when they opened up my shoulder they discovered there was in fact an injury. It wound up being a rotator cuff injury - but the outcome was still the same, they wound up shaving the bone in my shoulder down so the joint would have more room. Apparently with the Crohn's Disease, the inflammation won't go down on it's own - so they just give it more room.

As for scrapping, I have high hopes that if I can get my hard drive plugged back in, I will at least be able to throw together a digital page or two... so we'll see.


Chris said...

I sure hope you recover soon!

Thanks for entering my thermometer giveaway! Good luck :)

Larajc said...

Hope you heal soon Kelly!