28 July 2009

more newbies in my Etsy Store

I added a few new journaling spots and goodies to my Etsy Store and thought I would share them here as well.

I going to create a page or two to show how they can be used, so stay tuned for examples!

But for now, here are some of them, be sure to check all of them out in my store. I think they are very reasonably priced (but feel free to let me know if you don't think they are - that's the only way I can ensure happy customers).


Larajc said...

Pretty neat Kelly!

Peggy said...

these are so cute!

Dria said...

e journal spots!

Dria said...

LOL.. what happened to the first 3 letters of Cute! It only printed the "e"
Let's try again!!
Cute journal spots Kelly!