21 January 2009

CHA Time

I love this time of year. CHA is so exciting! I love hearing about (and seeing) the fun new product that's coming out over the following few months. Since last year was not one of the best years for me, I didn't really pay much attention to what came out. So this year, I've once again jumped on the bandwagon looking for previews.

Queen & Co is one of my favorites to watch. They have awesome products and this year is no exception! One of my favorite things they are doing is the bucket kit. How cool that you get a variety of embellishments (and a cute little bucket to boot)! And I absolutely love the font on the foam alphabet stickers - now, I wonder how good the adhesive on the back of them is?! And, they are a great point!

Be sure to check out their new releases on the blog!!

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