28 December 2007

The Name Game!!

I made this to hang over the closet in the baby's room. It's the first thing I've made for the baby - and I think it turned out really cute! I was going to paint the nursery green, but now I think I've changed my mind to yellow. Man... I hate making decisions like this!

We have started talking about names... we have the middle name set, but the first name is a bit of a struggle. I find one I like and then I turn myself off to it. I sure hope there isn't 4 more months of that!!

On a surprise note, the parents of my classroom threw me a shower. It was such a sweet thing for them to do! We got tons of cute outfits, some much needed diapers and lots of other fun things. I might lay the goodies out tomorrow and snap a few pics!

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Stampin' Meg said...

Oh what a sweet banner.