06 June 2007

{6.6} Daily Challenges

Gonna do the daily challenges before I head off to work for the day...

TS Challenge
Blog something you really like about yourself!
Over the years I have grown to like myself quite a bit. It used to be that I only liked my eyes or my hair, but I've come to realize that I have so many things to offer. Nowadays, I think my personality and my open-mindedness are 2 things that I really like about myself! I also think it's important to remind myself that I have good qualities, otherwise, I start to downward spiral and forget that I do make a difference being here.

2peas Challenge
Write about your whys/why nots for commenting on other ppl's blogs. Why do you leave comments?
I think it's important to find something positive or something that touches you and leave comments on that. I mean, after all, if we can't find something good and positive, we can't work together and then this world might as well fall apart. I believe people tend to forget how much we have to rely on each other.
Why do you read something and choose not to leave a comment?
Typically if I don't comment, it's because I don't have time or my ADD has kicked in and I forgot that I didn't comment.
Why do you comment on some blogs, and not on others?
I believe I do comment on all the blogs I read, except the contest ones.


Anonymous said...

Love what you said, for me it is going to be hard to think of something,

Elizabeth said...

It is important to uplift ourselves, thanks for that reminder!

Stacey R said...

Those are great qualities to have. I know I am always drawn to a person based on their personality!!